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        Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

        NDT 1012MA
        10×12-inch NDT Flat Panel Detector
        NDT 1012MA is a 10×12-inch wireless and portable amorphous silicon flat panel detector. The detector features a compact and industrially rugged design, which provides high radiation resistance, wide environmental capabilities, and overall high reliability. Data and signal communication is achieved either via a wired or a wireless interface. The iRay software SDK provides support for detector calibration, configuration, image acquisition, pre-processing and viewing on an end-user tablet or workstation running the MS Windows operating system.
          • Proven radiation hard a-Si design sensor technology
          • 25×30 cm² imaging area
          • 125 μm pixel pitch
          • Up to 180 sec. X-ray exposure window
          • Rugged design, withstand 1m drop 
          • Robust wired and 5G wireless data interface
          • Narrow dead space edge (< 7 mm)
        Technical Specifications