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        Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

        Pluto 0001X/ Pluto 0002X
        Digital Intra-oral Sensors
        Pluto 0001X and Pluto 0002X are digital size-1 and size-2 intra-oral sensor. It features a 20 μm pixel pitch CMOS sensor with CsI scintillator which ensures optimal resolution. The sensor has an ergonomic design with smooth edges, rounded corners, and a flexible cable for maxi-mum patient comfort. An easy to use hi-speed direct USB interface enables a simple con-nection to a PC without need for an additional control box. The optional iRay intra-oral soft-ware application makes it easy to acquire, enhance, analyze, view and share images from the Pluto 0001X and the Pluto 0002X senso
          • CMOS detector technology
          • Low dose clinical imaging
          • High resolution
          • Wide dynamic range
          • Pluto 0001X suitable for children and adults
          • Pluto 0002X suitable for adults
          • Slim, rounded corner and smooth edge
          • Direct USB connectivity
          • AED trigger, fast and easy workflow
          • Durable material and components
          • Friendly software user interface
        Technical Specifications